Coronavirus Newark

Newark students can stop wearing their face masks on Monday due to advice from the city’s health department, the district announced.
On Monday, Gov. Phil Murphy ended the regular COVID testing requirement for unvaccinated teachers, child care workers, among others.
The district gave students and staff rapid tests to take at home before returning to school after spring break.
Other priorities include staff training, classroom supplies, and technology.
Mid-year data underscores “the magnitude of the losses” for student learning
A review of the schools’ spending plans shows the money will go toward ventilation systems, tutoring, technology, counselors, and much more.
After the statewide school mask mandate is lifted, local school districts can implement their own face masking rules.
The Newark Board of Education approved a resolution outlining promises to English learners, including steps to find students who “lost contact” with the district during the pandemic.
Newark was one of five New Jersey districts chosen to receive an influx of COVID tests under President Biden’s latest push to expand testing in schools, Newark officials said.
As COVID continues to strain students’ mental health, local universities and nonprofits are helping Newark Public Schools meet students’ needs through counseling, skill-building, and mentoring.
There were fewer than 100 staff cases during the week the district returned to in-person learning, a steep drop from more than 500 cases in one week after Christmas.
As Newark Public Schools reopened classrooms Tuesday after two weeks of remote learning, the big question was how many students and staffers would show up.
Newark Public Schools said Friday that classrooms will reopen on Jan. 18. Students spent the first two weeks of 2022 learning remotely due to a surge in COVID cases.
North Star Academy resumed in-person instruction after break. Students say they felt a range of emotions, including concerns about the virus and gratitude to keep seeing their friends.
Malcolm X Shabazz High School in Newark has struggled with violence and low academic achievement for years, even as parents and employees pleaded for help.
With a few days’ notice before winter break, Newark schools could prepare and provide an easier transition.
After the holiday break ends Jan. 3, Newark students will resume classes virtually until Jan. 14.
Superintendent Roger León said learning pods would reopen throughout the city for families who have to work.
Newark Superintendent Roger León reminded students to take home their Chromebooks before leaving for the holiday break, which was moved to start a day early.
Schools are reporting more positive cases in the weeks following Thanksgiving than they did in the first few months of school.
Newark community members sounded the alarm about dire problems that schools and students are grappling with, while district officials focused largely on good news.
Some Newark students and teachers have had to buy or bring their own drinking water because school water fountains are turned off. Officials had hoped to restore water by September but now say water fountains will stay shut off through spring 2022.
Most of Newark Public Schools’ anticipated $281 million in federal aid will go towards COVID recovery efforts — but some purchases appear unrelated to the pandemic.
Several sites began offering the pediatric COVID vaccine this week and city schools are working to set up vaccination events.
Without a COVID testing program in place, some families may have been discouraged from signing up their students. Only 24% of students have submitted consent forms.
The Newark school district doesn’t publish school-level COVID data. Only one charter school operator does.
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